Friday, September 28, 2012

omni art house submission ... it came from the sea

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here is my second submission to the Omni Art House.  the theme to illustrate this time is "it came from the sea".  if you haven't checked out what the omni art house is all about, click on the link. it's a pretty cool project aimed at getting original art in the hands of everyone who wants it.  not just people who can afford a high price tag.  if you like what you see - make sure to check out the link, this one will be up for sale soon too!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

omni art house submission ... monster

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here is my entry for the very first omni art house art sale.  it's a really great concept.  it allows people who may not ordinarilly be able to purchase original artwork to do so for only $40.00!  i'm really excited about it - i think it's going to be awesome.  the first sale begins on september 30th - so check it out!
the theme of the first sale is "monster".  the next theme will be "it came from the sea", can't wait to see what everyone submits.  i may just have to buy something!
here's the link...don't forget to visit on the 30th to see some fantastic work: